Office Space (1999)


Synopsis: Discontented IT workers decide to rip off the company they work for to get back at their boss.

Starring: Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston, David Herman, Gary Cole, Stephen Root

Office Space will appeal to anyone that has ever worked for a big corporation as an office drone, or has ever had a mundane and directionless job. Being the only sane person amongst an office full of fools is exhausting, disenchanting and just plain depressing and this film showcases this fantastically.

Peter Gibbins (Livingston) is the IT engineer longing to escape the humdrum of his routine. Recently dumped and facing redundancy, Gibbons has very little to lose when he and his colleagues decide to implement a plan to embezzle money from their firm. Now, with the shackles of responsibility falling away fast, Peter finally builds up the courage to ask out Joanna (Aniston), an equally undervalued employee at a local fast food restaurant. Joanna brings a warm and grounded morsel of happiness into Peter’s life, something that he’s sorely missing.

This film is funny and sweet without being overly saccharine, and the characters are relatable, if a little eccentric.


Stephen Root as Milton, the meek and bullied non-entity in the eyes of his employers, one day snaps, with his handy stapler in tow. This is both delightful and cathartic for viewers.

The destruction of office equipment in a deserted field, accompanied by hip-hop music, is something many of us would love to replicate.


For a film made in 1999, Office Space hasn’t aged well. It looks like it was released in 1989, not that this takes away from the enjoyment.

Rating: 8.5/10


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