The amazing adventures 80’s kids had in movies

Pop Sloth has an interesting post about kids adventure films of the 80s.

Pop Sloth

Since time immemorial, kids have been getting into all sorts of mischief and adventures. Three kids were whisked off to Neverland inPeter Pan,and got into a breezy confrontation with Captain Hook. Alice enjoyed a dreamlike – and occasionally sinister – odyssey through Wonderland. The kids ofSwallows And Amazonsenjoyed lots of outdoor adventures, including boating and light acts of piracy.

In all of these adventures, which have appeared as movies at least once over the years, the heroes were essentially normal kids. They may have gone on adventures in far-off places. They may have forced adults to walk the plank on occasions. But they were still essentially regular, ginger beer-drinking, sandwich-eating youngsters.

Then, in the 1980s, the kid of the decade’s movies began to display an extraordinary spike in cunning and talent. They started to fly planes. Trigger wars. Save democracy from communist invaders. It was all…

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