Throwback Thursday: Mallrats

Nice little write up from The Bonesaw blog about Mallrats, one of Kevin Smith’s great films.

The Bonesaw

In 1995, director Kevin Smith went from black and white convenience store to a fully colored mall and decorated it with some memorable hijinx.

“Mallrats” is the story of Brodie (Jason Lee) and TS (Jeremy London) taking a day to blow off some steam after being dumped by their girlfriends (Shannen Doherty and Claire Forlani). To find solace, they go to the commonplace 90’s watering hole; the mall. Unfortunately, both of their exes are there as well. Brodie’s has already moved on to a department store manager (Ben Affleck) while TS’s is being forced to participate in her dad’s (Michael Rooker) horribly cheesy dating game. Upon this discovery the boys now have a new mission: get their girlfriends back.

Mallrats took 90’s culture and turned it into art. The struggles we see Brodie and TS go through are not unlike our own; albeit a little exaggerated. They run into all…

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Office Space (1999)


Synopsis: Discontented IT workers decide to rip off the company they work for to get back at their boss.

Starring: Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston, David Herman, Gary Cole, Stephen Root

Office Space will appeal to anyone that has ever worked for a big corporation as an office drone, or has ever had a mundane and directionless job. Being the only sane person amongst an office full of fools is exhausting, disenchanting and just plain depressing and this film showcases this fantastically. Continue reading